MR2 Cassette Radio Info And Aux Mod

In the past week I received a copy of the microfilm that has the service manual for my mr2.  It was fun to get to use a vintage microfilm reader to scan off images that are approaching twice as old as I am :).

I used the images to help me service the cassette deck.

Which compared to some Walkman’s I’ve worked on was much much simpler. I then looked at the schematics to see if there was a place on the board where I could intercept the normal audio signal and insert my own line level audio input, which I found:

But then I came across a picture by /u/20vmki and I felt inspired to create an info-graphic to help others do the same mod that I did.  It’s posted below for posterity. Overall I think it looks pretty clean in the car and doesn’t look out of place for the era. (view the image in a new tab to get the full resolution)


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