MR2 Carpet Restoration

The floormats in my MR2 are now 33 years old and are showing signs of wear:

with heavy fading on the most worn areas near your feet. They’re originally supposed to be a dark black color but now resemble an ugly green/grey shade. So following the advice of a friend who does car restorations I undertook a venture to re-dye my floormats black again. I will let the results speak for themselves:

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MR2 Washer Bottle Cap

Washer cap model for all AW11’s (part number is the same according to Toyota). This model had a lot of complex curves and interior details that were a challenge to replicate. I also ended up using OCR to identify the font on the original cap to find a close replacement for the replica. Its 90% identical but the angle on the A is slightly different. Id recommenced printing this on a good quality printer.


MR2 Trim Ring

This ring always gets broken due to age,  so I modeled up a replica using rhino.
It originally had spacers on each tab but they prevented it from attaching to the vent on cars with wear, so they were not added.

Tested and fit in my car.

Shapeways Link

STL File